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I Am A Lion!
ˇYo Soy Un Leon!

Library Edition: ISBN 978-1-57537-153-5; Dimensions 8.25" x 11.25" $16.95
Library Ed. & CD Read-Along: ISBN 978-1-57537-178-8 $23.95
Adventure DVD: ISBN 978-1-57537-860-5

Bilingual Library Edition List: $16.95 Sale Price: $8.48
Bilingual Read-Along CD List: $9.95 Sale Price: $7.95
Adventure DVD List: $16.95 Sale Price: $9.95

Fun Times With: Self-Esteem / Respect for Parents / Assertiveness
Reading level: Grades K-4
Book Summary
To grow up to be big, little lions have to learn survival skills, but the cub Sangu didn't want to listen to Papa and Mama's lessons—he just wants to play. Getting lost while escaping a charging rhino, Sangu learned how unprepared he really was to be out on his own. Befriended by some kind gazelles, Sangu didn't have the slightest idea as to what a lion should be. After being taunted by his friends, Sangu finally learned to be assertive, to value learning, to listen to his parents, and to respect himself. Grades K-4.