Meet Carl Sommer

Carl Sommer, a devoted educator and a successful businessman, has a passion for communicating values and practical learning skills to childrenand is eminently qualified to impart to students the principles necessary for success in an increasingly complex world..

During the Korean War Sommer served in the Marine Corps. At age 40, he became a New York City public high school teacher. To become a certified teacher, he attended Oswego State University, City College of New York, and New York University. Sommer then became an assistant dean of boys in a high school with 3,600 pupils where he counseled students and parents. As Sommer taught, he witnessed firsthand the many deficiencies of the educational system which promted his investigative journey. His research led him to work as a substitute teacher at every grade level in twenty-seven different schools in all of the boroughs of New York City. Identifying the problems and needs of America’s students, he proceeded to craft solutions. His exhaustive ten-year study, including a one-year leave of absence from teaching, led to his first book--Schools in Crisis: Training for Success or Failure? (free at our website). This book has been heartily endorsed by teachers, university professors, and prominent educators around the country. It has been reported the book had a major impact on school reform in New York as well as other states.

Across the nation, Sommer appeared on radio and television programs, including the nationally syndicated Oprah Winfrey Show. He has served on the Texas State Board of Education Review Committee and taught a Junior Achievement economics course at Prague University, Czech Republic. The International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England has also nominated him for International Writer of the Year.

Sommer is the founder and president of Advance Publishing, Inc.; Digital Cornerstone, a recording and video studio; and Reliable EDM, a precision machining company that specializes in electrical discharge machining. It is the largest company of its kind in North America ( Two of his sons manage the machining company, and another son manages Advance Publishing and Digital Cornerstone. This allows him to pursue his passion for writing.

Following his passion, Sommer has authored books in many categories. His works include the award-winning “Sommer-Time Story” series of 24 motivational children’s books, read-alongs, and DVD videos that impart positive character traits and principles for success in children. Some of these books have been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Afrikaans, and Korean. (More books are coming soon.) The Sommer-Time Adventure DVDs in which Sommer reads the books and teaches character-building lessons are currently being shown around the world on either cable or streaming video. In addition, Sommer has written or produced:

• 12 Quest for Success character-building graphic novels for upper elementary students and reluctant readers in junior and senior high school.
• Character Under Attack and What You Can Do About It (free at our website)
• Teen Success for Career and Life Skills: If You Don’t Want the Truth Don’t Read This!
• Wire EDM Handbook and Complete EDM Handbook, coauthored with his son, Steve
• Non-Traditional Machining Handbook, a 432-page book describing all of the non-traditional machining methods currently available

Sommer has been working on three large projects for over 20 years:
Phonics Adventure: a motivational phonics literature-based reading program for kindergarten through grade two consisting of textbooks and readers (Kindergarten alone has 40 readers.)
Number Success: a free video practical mathematics series from addition to trigonometry, supplemented by workbooks and over 550 video. ( Number Success demonstrates real-worl math that is both relevant and interesting.

Born in 1930, Sommer has been happily married since 1955 and has 5 children and 20 grandchildren. Sommer is an avid reader, and his hobbies include swimming and fishing. He exercises five times a week at home. He attends church faithfully, and thanks the Lord for his excellent health. He likes to eat whole grain food, mixed green salad, lots of fruit and vegetables, lean meat, fish, and poultry. Sommer has no plans to retire. He is in excellent health and continues to write and develop educational materials in Houston, Texas.

Advance Publishing’s mission statement reveals Sommer’s passion and purpose: “Providing exciting and inspiring character-building resources that train and motivate children with positive virtues and life skills, which enable them to live successful lives, and results in stronger families, better schools, and a safer and more productive society.”

Introducing Carl Sommer

Quick Facts
Devoted Educator
Successful Businessman
Author of Numerous Books
Award-Winning Author
Books Translated Into Foreign Languages
Military Service: U.S. Marine Corps
Radio and TV
Family Man

Successful Businessman
President of:
Reliable EDM
Advance Publishing

Devoted Educator
Regular New York City High School Teacher
High School Assistant Dean of Boys
Substitute Teacher in 27 Different Schools
Taught a Junior Achievement Economics
Course in Prague University, Czech Republic
Served on the Texas State Board of
Education Review Committee

Author of Many Books & Videos
Sommer-Time Stories (24 Books and
24 Sommer-Time Adventure DVD Videos
Quest for Success (12 Books and Read
Phonics Adventure (Over 70 Books)
Number Success (13 Books and Over 550 Videos)
Schools in Crisis: Training for Success or
Character Under Attack & What You Can Do
About It
Complete EDM Handbook (Coauthored With
His Son)
Non-Traditional Machining Handbook

Award-Winning Author
Teachers’ ChoiceTM Awards
Mom’s Choice Award
Benjamin Franklin Award
ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award
The Communicator Award
Family Review Center Gold Award
iParenting Media Award
Family Choice Award
Children’s Choice Award, and many more
Nominated International Writer
of the Year

Military Service
Served in the Marine Corp During the
Korean War

Radio and TV
*Numerous Radio and TV Shows Including
the Oprah Winfrey Show

Family Man
Five Children
20 Grandchildren
Happily Married Since 1955

Sommer’s Lifestyle
Hobbies: Reading, Fishing and Swimming
Attends Church Faithfully
Exercises Five Times a week
No Plans on Retiring
Continues to Write and Develop Educational

Books By Carl Sommer

24 Sommer-Time Stories

Motivational & Character-Building Sommer-Time Stories
by Carl Sommer

Dare To Dream
24 Great Adventure

DVD Videos
English/Spanish Both
Audio & Close Captioned

Quest For Success
12 Quest for Success

Graphic Novels Grades 4-12
by Carl Sommer

Sex Cover Small
Teen Success in Career and
Life Skills

If You Don't Want the Truth,
Don't Read This!

by Carl Sommer