Helen Keller - Facing Her Challenges/Challenging the World

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Book Summary
Helen Keller-faced her challenges, and then challenged the world. At the age of one Helen became ill, and due to her illness lost her hearing and sight. Helen became violent and had hot tempers. Her parents hired Annie Sullivan to teach their daughter. Helen was still stubborn and rebellious, but Annie Sullivan applied love and discipline to teach Helen to obey. With the help of Annie Sullivan, Helen overcame severe obstacles. Helen learned to read and write French, German, Greek, and Latin, and graduated from college with honors. This was an outstanding achievement since Helen was blind and deaf since she was only one year old. Helen Keller wrote 12 books and traveled around the world speaking to promote the needs of the physically challenged. Under the most difficult circumstances, Helen Keller had every reason to give up, but she never lost her dream! She is truly one of America's great achievers.