Stone Soup

Library Edition: ISBN 978-1-57537-078-1; Dimensions 8.25" x 11.25" $16.95
Library Ed. & CD Read-Along: ISBN 978-1-57537-735-3 $23.95
Adventure DVD: ISBN 978-1-57537-894-7

Classic Library Edition List: $16.95 Sale Price: $15.95
Read-Along CD List: $9.95 Sale Price: $4.95
Adventure DVD List: $16.95 Sale Price: $9.95

Fun Times With: Compassion / Citizenship / Friendship
Reading Level: Grades 1-4
Book Summary
In a village full of selfish inhabitants, the idea that making stone soup would bring them all together might be hard to swallow…literally! With a few stones as the initial ingredients, three famished soldiers cleverly convince the villagers to contribute all of the items needed for a delicious pot of soup.
In this spirited adaptation of the beloved folktale, preparing a simple pot of soup teaches the villagers that sharing brings happiness and celebration.
After reading this heart-warming tale, children will certainly want to make a pot of their own stone soup. Because it makes a great activity for the classroom, suggest it to a favorite teacher, and remember that individuals can accomplish more when working together.