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If Only I Were -

Hardcover: ISBN 978-1-57537-002-6; Dimensions: 6.75" x 9.25" $9.95
Library Edition: ISBN 978-1-57537-051-4; Dimensions 8.25" x 11.25" $16.95
Hardcover & CD Read-Along: ISBN 978-1-57537-502-1 $16.95
Library Ed. & CD Read-Along: ISBN 978-1-57537-702-5 $23.95
Adventure DVD: ISBN 978-1-57537-864-0

Library Edition List: $16.95 Sale Price: $15.95
Adventure DVD List: $16.95 Sale Price: $9.95
Read-Along CD List: $9.95 Sale Price: $4.95

Fun Times With: Self-Esteem / Trust / Cheerfulness
Book Summary
Missy the mouse has a very big problem—she's miserable about her looks and who she is. She complains about her big ears and her skinny tail. If only she were as big and beautiful as Horace, then all her problems would be gone. One day, while being chased by Horace, Missy's wish comes true and becomes a big cat. She is delighted she's the biggest and most beautiful cat in the whole world. But she quickly discovers that cats have problems with dogs. As Missy wishes herself into becoming bigger and stronger creatures, she finally discovers that everyone has problems and learns to accept herself for who she is. Grades K-4.