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The Race

Library Hardcover: ISBN 978-1-57537-256-3; Dimensions: 5.125" x 7.625" $12.95
Softcover Edition: ISBN 978-1-57537-281-5; Dimensions 5" x 7" $4.95
Library ED. & CD Read-Along: ISBN 978-1-57537-331-7 $19.95
Softcover Ed. & CD Read-Along: ISBN 978-1-57537-380-5 $11.95

Quest Library Edition (56pp) List: $12.95 Sale Price: $6.48
Quest Softcover (56pp) List: $4.95 Sale Price: $2.48
Read-Along CD List: $9.95 Sale Price: $4.95

Book Summary
The beautiful princess is of age and must choose a husband who will become the new king. She has three suitors. Simon is handsome and charmingóbut he only sees the princess as his chance to become a wealthy ruler. Thomas is the mighty captain of the guardóbut he wants the princess to choose him only so he can gain the peopleís admiration. John is handsome but a simple commoner with a compassionate heartóbut he alone truly loves the kindhearted princess. All three men behave perfectly in the princessís presence: how can she tell their true characters? After getting advice from her father the king and her mother the queen, an unusual race is designed to reveal the best man to marry.