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The Great Deception

Library Hardcover: ISBN 978-1-57537-254-9; Dimensions: 5.125" x 7.625" $12.95
Softcover Edition: ISBN 978-1-57537-279-2; Dimensions 5" x 7" $4.95
Library ED. & CD Read-Along: ISBN 978-1-57537-329-4 $19.95
Softcover Ed. & CD Read-Along: ISBN 978-1-57537-378-2 $11.95

Quest Library Edition (40pp) List: $12.95 Sale Price: $6.48
Quest Softcover (40pp) List: $4.95 Sale Price: $2.48
Read-Along CD List: $9.95 Sale Price: $4.95

Book Summary
In this retelling of the tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” we learn about a vain emperor who spends his kingdom’s wealth on beautiful palaces and rich clothes. He has all he could desire—wealth, admiring subjects, and a court where no one dares disagree with him—until a pair of swindlers come to town promising to weave him invisible clothes with special powers that reveal anyone unfit for office or very foolish. None of the emperor’s advisors dare to tell him the truth. The emperor parades through the city in clothes that don’t exist. One brave boy refuses to join the crowd and tells the emperor the truth. "