Description of Number Success


Students learn best when they can relate what they learn to personal and real world experiences.


Success in today's world requires an understanding of mathematics. Number Success is a series of math books and videos (47 DVDs) in which countless real-world situations are used to demonstrate the many practical applications of math.


The multiracial video teachers have each won the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics from the National Science Foundation. Carl Sommer, former New York City high school teacher and author of Schools in Crisis: Training for Success or Failure?, is the author of the math series, and the “on location” practical math teacher demonstrating the various applications of math. Besides having been a high school teacher, Sommer has worked as a precision machinist, tool and die maker, foreman, tool designer, and operations manager of a large tool and die stamping company. He currently owns three businesses, one of which is the largest of its kind west of the Mississippi River, where math, including algebra, geometry and trigonometry are constantly used. ( More Info About Carl Sommer.)


Out of his extensive experience in the use of mathematics, Sommer’s constant aim was to write a series of math books in which various real-world situations were used to demonstrate the many practical applications of math and to enable the mastery of math skills necessary in today’s complex workplace. After working over 15 years on this project, the unique series, Number Success, is the result.


Many students have great difficulty with math. Sommer has witnessed this numerous times both as a high school teacher and in the hiring of employees. His objective was to create a high quality, interesting program which will help students at all levels understand the importance of mastering mathematics. His philosophy is that students learn best when they can relate what they learn to personal and real world experiences. Sommer is seen “on location” at NASA, fishing, baking, construction sites, machine shops, department stores, offices, and a host of other places, from New York to Los Angeles and from Chicago to Houston. There are math applications from outer space and under water, from Asia and Europe, from playing games to saving money, from riding a bull to purchasing cattle at an auction, and from purchasing octopus, smoked pig ears, or tickets for a boat ride. Throughout this series of 47 DVDs Sommer is answering student’s perennial question, "Where will I ever use this math?"


Number Success is designed for either self-directed or teacher-directed learning, such as: adult classes, individualized learning, group learning, home schools, and remedial classes. Schools can have students learn alone or in groups. These books equip individuals to pass the GED mathematics test, and are excellent tools for regular classes as an enrichment program. The step-by-step logical learning procedures of reviews and tests helps students to retain what they have learned. All books contain complete answer keys and placement tests. Book 13 provides supervisor's instructions and placement tests.


Individuals do not need to be math experts to teach this course. Presidential award-winning teachers explain the problems in the workbooks before the students do the math, and the numerous on-location video scenes fortify the lessons with practical applications that will help motivate students to want to learn math. Students can review the videos over and over again until they master the subject. Read the enthusiastic endorsements from those who have reviewed the materials.


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