Reading Success Description

    Success in today's world requires an ability to read.  Reading Success is unique in that it teaches students not only to learn new words, but combines an intensive phonics program with action-oriented stories.  Knowledge learned is immediately applied by reading interesting material.   There is also a sound awareness audio to help students in phonological awareness.  Reading Success can be used in the classroom or it can be used as a self-directed program.  The program is on audio so students can learn in the privacy of their homes.
     Students in the first four lessons are taught the letter sounds of the alphabet.  After the letter sounds are learned, students are taught words by blending the various sound patterns.  After mastering these sounds and just a few sight words, students immediately put into practice what they have learned by reading meaningful words in meaningful, illustrated text.  Then after reviewing the words, students read two stories from the book Surprises.  All this reading takes place in the first lesson after students are taught the letter sounds.  Reading Success reinforces word recognition lessons with meaningful, connected reading.  
        This is what makes Reading Success unique--learning to read is immediately reinforced with interesting action-oriented story books.  Students are not just learning words--they are reading books written by award-winning author, Carl Sommer.

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