To provide exciting and inspiring resources that enable everyone to develop positive virtues and productive life skills.


To provide exciting and inspiring character-building resources that train and motivate children with positive virtues and life skills, which enable them to live successful lives, resulting in stronger families, better schools, and a safer and more productive society.

Our motto:
We believe all kids can learn!
We believe reading can be exciting and fun!
We believe in training kids about successful values

Advance Publishing has produced 20 award-winning "Another Sommer-Time Story™" series of children’s books that impart values and principles of success to younger children. They have also been translated into foreign languages.
Under "Free Resources" there are over 500 pages of free educational materials to help children understand and follow the virtues that lead to successful living.

To provide exciting and inspiring scientific literacy methods that train and motivate children and adults to live successful lives.
For 15 years we have worked on developing three large-scale literacy programs. Reading Adventure: a phonics literature-based program for children, Reading Success: a phonics literature-based program for adults, and Number Success: a practical math program from Addition to Trigonometry supplemented with 47 DVDs.

Founder and President Carl Sommer left industry at the age of 40 to become a New York City high school teacher. Seeing the nation-wide educational problems he wrote his first book, Schools in Crisis: Training for Success or Failure? Even though Sommer had 181 college credits, when he moved to Texas with his family of five children he couldn’t afford to teach. He went back to industry, and became operations manager of a large tool and die and stamping company. With his two sons, he started a precision machining company which became the largest of its kind west of the Mississippi River. Today two of his sons run Reliable EDM, and another son manages Advance Publishing and Digital Cornerstone, a recording and video studio. This enables Sommer to devote his time in developing educational materials. (Learn more about Carl Sommer.)

12 Another Sommer-Time Classics Series of picture books
24 Bilingual Spanish Another Sommer-Time Stories and Read-Alongs
24 Another Sommer-Time Adventure story-lesson videos
Number Success: Practical problem-solving program from addition to trigonometry accompanied with 47 DVDs
Reading Adventure: Children’s phonics literature-based reading program consisting of over 40 book.
Reading Success: Adult phonics literature-based reading program consisting of over 30 books

Create character-building and life-skill resources for the world.

Promote values that made America great