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Character Under Attack & What You Can Do About It


     “I completely agree with the ideas in your book, Character Under Attack and What You Can Do About It. Children need boundaries, goals, and role models to help mold their character. As an educator and father of three school age daughters, the liberal direction our nation has taken regarding character development greatly concerns me….

     “My school uses many of the principles listed in your book. The staff maintains a very positive learning environment using consistent and defined rules for our students. Because students know we will not ignore the small infractions, we rarely have any major discipline problems. Fighting, disrespect, and use of vulgarity are extremely rare. There are times when I will not have a student in my office for a discipline problem for several days at a time. Only two students have been suspended at Jackson Township Elementary (JTE) in my eight years as principal….

     “I am encouraged by your materials and information. It is my hope that others will grasp your philosophy and begin to make positive changes, one child at a time.”

Jeff Fritz, Principal, Jackson Township Elementary School


      “As an educator I strongly endorse Carl Sommer’s book, Character Under Attack & What YOU can Do About it. I found it refreshing to read such a brutally honest appraisal of where we now find our culture and how we might positively respond.  As a public school educator of 32 years, I found him describing the crisis of character in this nation that I experienced in our public school classrooms.  When I started teaching in the early 70’s I certainly dealt with some children who chose to act out and do wrong.  As the years passed, I found more and more children who acted out with no sense of right or wrong; they just did not know.

     “I currently serve as Executive Director of Christian Educators Association International where I have been endorsing this book to thousands of our members and friends.  We can not allow our schools to ignore the need for Character Education along with academic pursuits. Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy of the classroom in this generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next generation.” (Bold in original.)

Finn Laursen, Executive Director Christian Educators Association International


     “Carl Sommer eloquently wrote about all the things that I believe are true about our nation’s drift from its core moral system….I love this book and plan to buy more of his books for our district libraries.”

Georgia Witt, District Librarian, Orange Grove I.S.D.


     “Wonderful—I recommend it to everyone!”

Laurie Barton, Librarian Helen Ball Elementary


     “I received a copy of Character Under Attack. It was impossible for me to put it down. I read it and passed it on to the elementary aide. The book was definitely and eye opener.”

Bobbie Thompson, Ranger Libraries


      “Thank you so much for the copy of your book Character Under Attack and What You Can Do About It. I enjoyed reading it very much and it is clearly the need of the hour, given what’s going on throughout America and the world today.”

Mark L. Earley, President and CEO Prison Fellowship


      “A must read for anyone and everyone especially those in the education field.”

Dawn Demings, Librarian Elfida Chaves Elementary


Remarks from Delaware County Library System YA Book Review


     General consideration: Excellent (superior quality)

     Other considerations:

           Has memorable passages of writing; challenges the imagination

           Text is original and fresh

           Is enjoyable reading

           Is relevant to young adults

     Summary: Recognizing the spirit in which our Founding Father’s established this great nation, you’ll discover from this well-documented book what went wrong and what you can do about it. A must for parents and educators.

Delaware County Library System


     “Having read your book, CHARACTER UNDER ATTACK, for the THIRD time, and beginning my 55th year in the educational field while ministering with the poor in the area, I want to tell you that I am thrilled to have ‘met’ you! You and your book are blessings in my life and I hope many others in the educational field think the same way.”

S. Kathy Rademacher, Director of Faith Formation, Maplewood, MN


“Alfred North Whitehead once said, ‘Moral progress is impossible apart from an habitual vision of greatness.’  In a day when our personal and collective “vision of greatness” seems to be lost, it is refreshing to find an author who courageously identifies a remedy.

“Carl Sommer’s passion shines out of the first sentence of his book Character Under Attack and What You Can Do About It, ‘Facing our nation today is a crisis of character.’  And beyond a mere diagnosis of the problem, this award winning author identifies both philosophical and practical remedies.

“All of us have been profoundly influenced by our teachers.  And teachers continue to change lives, one student at a time.  But as Peter Kuzmiz said, ‘Charisma without character leads to catastrophe.’

“This book would enhance the leadership of any parent or educator.”

Don Meyer, Ph. D., President, Valley Forge Christian College


      “I have sat back for years and watched the school system go down hill. My heart has been broken for the kids who have not learned right from wrong, and have watched it destroy their great ability to achieve success. Recently, I have wondered how I could reach these kids.

     “When I returned to work this morning after a brief illness, in my mailbox at school was your package with the complimentary book, Character Under Attack & What You Can Do About It. I have not been this excited going to work for a long time. Before receiving your book, I didn’t have an answer for these kids, but now thanks to you, I do.

     “I have been blessed with a position that allows me the freedom to influence children, and now with your resources I am able to do this. I am very confident that I can now fulfill what I am most passionate about, teaching, modeling, and bringing up the next generation with morals that will result in a brighter tomorrow for all of us. Thank you for your boldness in stepping out in this area that is so badly needed. Character Definitely Counts!!!”

Karen A. Heard, Librarian Fairacres Elementary